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a Thistle Moon co. is a small independent business founded by me, Kris. I am a wife and mom of two very busy Pixies. I have always had a passion for creating , whether that be interior design, crafting, or jewelry design. As life got busy, I found myself searching for a way to bring my love of creating back into my life, to have just a little something just for me. It was then that I found candle making...and from there...well...the rest is history. 


One of my other interests is all things CELTIC! I have toured Ireland, got married in a castle, I even married a Scotsman! Walking the fields of Ireland just produced this feeling of calm and groundedness that I have never felt before or since! So when naming this little venture, I wanted to pay homage to this experience. Since I wore thistle flowers in my hair for my wedding, it just seemed very fitting. As I researched further, I found that there is an essential oil from a 'moon flower' that one can use to help with feelings of confinement or yearning to escape. Those feelings are why I went looking for this hobby and I am sure many of you can relate to feeling stuck in life from time to time. The main ingredient in this oil is 'lunar thistle.' And from the moment I read about this plant, the name Thistle Moon was born! I hope that the hand crafted products that we develop bring YOU a sense of calm and peace, while knowing that you are using the purest of products we can find! Enjoy!


We're always trying to be creative in the workshop! So expect more products to be added to our site from time to time.

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Malta, NY 12020, USA

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